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Neighbourhood Connections Church is a unique worship experience for people from the community who don't generally attend church and feel more comfortable in a relaxed setting outside a sanctuary. It is held on Tuesdays at 11:00 am.


Food Bank

Food Bank services are offered regularly. Groceries can be picked up on Tuesdays. The hot lunch program starts every Tuesday at 11 AM.   No need to reserve a spot for lunch - just show up. Food baskets are distributed after lunch. 

If you prefer to skip lunch and have only a food basket, leave a message at (416-741-1130) and come by at 12:15 to 12:45 pm.



We are a group of partners who provide services to the community of Rexdale. We partner with local organizations who facilitate referrals and provide resources and support and help residents in need.

About Us

Neighbourhood Connections is a food bank that operates within the larger body of Rexdale Alliance Church.  We meet on Tuesdays providing some singing, hot lunch, a short talk and a food basket.  Please refer to our program schedule below to see what the full program provides.

Neighbourhood Connections brings the Gospel to people in an easily understood format that also speaks into an individual's life as to how the Bible can have a practical use in everyday life. 

We also hope that our messages will enable people to speak to others about the Gospel by clarifying some commonly asked questions. We feel that the Bible is very relevant to today's problems and is the way to peace and healing. 

Everybody is welcome to attend our church and share in the love of Jesus Christ. It is through Jesus’ love and teaching that we can make a true impact on an individual’s life, our local community and finally the world. We welcome you to come worship and grow with us in person.

Our Tuesday Program:

10:45 a.m.:  Doors open for fellowship time

11:00a.m.:    Songs and Worship

11:15 a.m.:  Fellowship continues and a full, hot lunch begins to be served

11:25 a.m.:  Short Message

12:00 p.m.: Distribution of food baskets for those attending the hot lunch

12:15 p.m.: Distributin of Food baskets for those not attending the hot lunch


Currently Neighbourhood Connections (N.C.C) offers a hot lunch and Food Bank services each Tuesday providing a basket with fresh foods, dry goods and canned goods. 

When should I phone for an NCC food bank hamper?

It is not neccessary to reserve a basket if you are attending lunch. Simply show up at 11am. If one is skipping the lunch, please phone 416-741-1130 and leave a message saying you would like a basket. Then show up at 12:15 to 12:45 to collect one.

Contact Us

Pastor Paul LaRocque

Rexdale Alliance Church

2459 Islington Ave.

Etobicoke, ON  M9W 3X9