About Neighbourhood Connections

The Neighbourhood Connections Church is a unique entity in that we are a church within a church. We operate in and are part of the larger body Rexdale Alliance Church. One of our very unique attributes is that we meet on Tuesdays!! We often tell people, “Church on Tuesday, Why not???” Please refer to our service schedule to see what a service at our church looks like.

Neighbourhood Connections Church brings the Gospel to people in an easily understood format that also speaks into an individual's life as to how the Bible can have a practical use in everyday life. We also hope that our messages will enable people to speak to others about the Gospel by clarifying some commonly asked questions. We feel that the Bible is very relevant to today's problems and is the way to peace and healing. The messages that you can view here are presented as they were delivered in our community church. Everybody is welcome to attend our church and share in the love of Jesus Christ. It is through Jesus’s love and teaching that we can make a true impact on an individual’s life, our local community and finally the world. We welcome you to come worship and grow with us in person or through our on line outreach.

Church Service

11:15 a.m.: Doors open and congregation has fellowship time

11:30a.m.: Fellowship continues and a full, hot lunch begins to be served

12:00 p.m.: Worship time

12:15 p.m.: Time of prayer and offering

12:25 p.m.: Message is presented

12:45 p.m.: Round table, non-judgmental discussion of the topic

1:00 p.m.: Distribution of bread, Second Harvest offerings and food baskets (for people in need)

On the first and third days of the month there is clothing distribution once we have finished distributing food

On the second Tuesday of the month we have a free hair cutting day

Food Bank Sponsors